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What is the trend of the development of packaging industry?

Author:Admin Source: Shenzhen China Policy Printing Packaging Co.,Ltd. Date:2015-11-6 15:31:10 Visits:Large Middle Small

As is known to all, in commercial competition, good and inexpensive must take into account all the time. If you can do this one point, it's not hard to occupy the market, in an impregnable position. Is the one of way to earnestly implement reasonable packing and simplify the dialectical unification of one. Reasonable reason clearly, also contains simplified, but not set reasonable simplification.

As People's Daily working rhythm is accelerated, nutrition health food is rich, the growth of awareness of environmental protection; In the future for food and packing also will inevitably put forward many new requirements. Remarkably, now because of the rapid popularization of refrigerators, microwave ovens, and other relevant conditions gradually mature, it won't be long, may through the development of frozen food as convenience food, fast food will enter a lot of families and enterprises and institutions.

At the same time to adjust measures to local conditions to develop the vacuum packaging, vacuum packaging and aseptic packaging, etc. New technology, new products, such as clean vacuum bag, to that of the organic combination of quick-frozen packaging, promote food packaging is more on the floor. Like this one, all levels of consumers in the hope of to food packaging container to use as the main body in a box, portable, mainly refers to the packing should be easy to open, random, can seal, after use, can accept many times, safe and reliable. So, must adopt corresponding measures, in one step to improve bags, boxes, main body and the sealing structure and realize scientific and diversification.

Polymer foam is mainly divided into two categories: closed-cell foam material and opening foaming material. With closed bubble hole of foam material with very low water absorption, is mainly used for insulation, energy absorption and seal. The hole with the soft foam material has the very good compression resilience, compressed air is very easy to flow in the bubble hole, so the material can be rebound to its initial thickness.

According to the packing institutions to provide relevant materials, and forecasts the development trend of the next 10 years packaging, mainly include:

1, lightweight, sterile, green packaging will become the mainstream of the modern packaging and marking;

2, glass, metal and other large container will gradually withdraw from parts of the market;

3, ultra-thin plastic packaging (white pollution) will be disabled;

4, efforts to reduce packaging manufacturing and transportation costs, go the way of multiple packaging;

5, welcomed by consumers of small quantitative flexible packaging will continue to develop;

6, security, anti-counterfeiting security packaging will step into this attention;

7, composite packaging materials more evident advantages, will replace traditional packaging materials.