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Plastic packaging of the role to be reckoned with

Author:Admin Source: China Policy Printing Co.,Ltd. Date:2015-11-6 15:32:37 Visits:Large Middle Small

According to China packaging federation plastic committee and secretary-general, deputy director of the expert committee of the Shanghai green packaging packaging technology association committee secretary-general chang-jie Chen is introduced, it is estimated that at present all kinds of packaging material (plastic packaging materials has accounted for more than 30%, second only to paper products. At present, China's food packaging materials, plastic are already more than 50% of the total food packaging materials, among the top of the all kinds of packaging materials.

"At present, the development of plastic packaging industry has to a critical period, the downstream industry for plastic packaging film materials will also be put forward more and more stringent requirements, in the common membrane under the condition of a large number of surplus, some film still needs a large number of imported high value-added function. Industrial sectors for matte film, highlight film, heat sealing film, heat shrinkable film, high barrier film, resistance to ultraviolet radiation film, anti-static film, such as flame retardant membrane demand is growing faster." China plastics processing industry association BOPET (two-way stretch polyester) branch of the secretary-general Wang Dejun told China chemical industry news reporter.

And in the field of food industry, plastic packaging of the role is to be reckoned with.

Beijing printing institute key laboratory of packaging research director dong-li li told China chemical industry news reporter, is our country fruit and vegetable production and consumption power, but the decay rate is the highest in the world. In developed countries is lost less than 5%, and the loss rate is as high as 20% ~ 20% of our country. Functional preservation materials have a very large market in our country. Now the United States advanced preservation material packaging can be used to make the fruit value-added 2.4 times, and the average value is 0.4 times of our country. Future functionalization of fresh-keeping packaging in our country has a good market prospect.

Future food industry of high barrier, boiling resistance, uv resistance, avoid light, antibacterial, breathable, anaerobic and other functional membrane demand will continue to increase. In functional food packaging and special materials and functional additives, research and development and production capacity is relatively weak in our country, strengthen the development of related materials for packaging industry and chemical industry will be a win-win situation.