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OPS POF/PET/PE/PVC heat shrinkable film

Author:Admin Source: China Policy Printing Co.,Ltd. Date:2015-11-3 16:37:26 Visits:Large Middle Small

1) PE heat shrinkable film is widely used in wine, cans, mineral water, all kinds of beverages, cloth products such as the whole set of packaging, this product has good flexibility, impact resistance, tear resistance is strong, not easy damaged, fear of tide, large shrinkage;

2) the characteristics of thermal shrinkage PET polyester film, it is stable at room temperature, heating contraction (more than glass transition temperature), and is in one direction more than 70% of the thermal contraction. The advantage of heat shrinkable polyester film packaging is: (1) stick put oneself in a transparent, merchandise image. (2) the tight packing, good dispersion. (3) waterproof, moistureproof, mouldproof. (4) no resilience, has the anti-counterfeiting function. Heat shrinkable polyester film is often used in instant food, beverage market, electronic appliances, metal products, especially the shrinkage is the main application fields of tags. Because with the rapid development of PET bottles, such as coke, Sprite, all kinds of fruit juice beverage bottle needs to be a set with PET heat shrinkable film do the heat sealing label, they both belong to polyester class, is environmentally friendly material, easy recycling use.

3) POF surface gloss, good toughness and high tensile strength, thermal shrinkage characteristics of homogeneous and suitable for high speed automatic packaging, is the replacement of the traditional PVC heat shrinkable film. POF is the meaning of heat shrinkable film, POF full name multi-layer co-extrusion polyolefin heat shrinkable film, it is the linear low density polyethylene as the middle tier (LLDPE), polypropylene (pp) as inner and outer layer, through three plasticizing extruder extrusion, again after the die forming, membrane bubble blowing and other special craft processing.

4) OPS shrinkable film (directional polystyrene) heat shrinkable film is a kind of to meet the requirements of environmental protection new post OPS heat shrinkable film packaging material, OPS heat shrinkable film has high strength, rigidity, stable shape, and has good iuster and transparency. Easy processing, easy coloring, printing performance is good, with high printing resolution, for the pursuit of exquisite printing trademark, completely is a kind of material progress. Because of the high shrinkage and OPS film strength, can with different shapes of container tightly, so it can not only print out the fine design, also can meet all kinds of different shape of the use of novel packaging container, non-toxic tasteless, resistant to oil, up to the standard of food hygiene film allows designers to use the color with striking, achieve 360 ° label design, give full play to their creativity and imagination, to make drinks and other goods in the label use pattern is more vivid, the image of the highlights on the shelf, to produce an unexpected container effect.

5) PVC film has high transparency, good gloss, high shrinkage rate, etc;

Heat shrinkable polyester film except for shrinkage label, in recent years are used for household goods on the packaging. Because it can protect the packaging items to avoid shock, waterproof, moisture, rust, and can make the products with beautifully printed packaging to win users, at the same time it can show the good image of the manufacturer. At present, more and more packing factory printing shrink film is used to replace the traditional transparent film. Because printing shrink film can improve the grade of the appearance of the product, is advantageous to the product advertising, can make the brand a profound impression in consumers mind