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Three recruited to teach you how to distinguish between PP, PVC, PET material

Author:Admin Source: China Policy Printing Co.,Ltd. Date:2015-11-3 16:21:29 Visits:Large Middle Small

1, the PP material is environmental protection material, the proportion of light so the cost is low, but the transparency than PVC and PET, water mist can use viscose, heat sealing, the ultrasonic bonding technology, mainly used in the stationery.

2, not environmental protection of PVC material, color slants blue, there is a clear water ripple, use lighter to burn with smoke and bad smell, but processing technology mature, viscose water is transparent, suitable for domestic packaging, but not suitable for food and other products.

3, PET material is environmental protection material, transparency is very good, no water ripple, use lighter to burn a smoke and a small amount of odor, viscose water effect no PVC is good, easy to clean, mainly used for the high environmental requirements of the packing of the product.