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Spout pouch

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Spout pouch

                                  Spout pouch of different sizes

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Printing Color

Gravure printing 0-10 Panton   Colors


Food /cosmetic/tea / juice / water/other liquid


Spout pouchSpout bag,Stand up pouch with spout


Heat seal

Place of Origin



Barrier,moisture   proof,transparent.


Size(Outer size) mm


Height 152  Width 110


Height 167  Width 110


Height 182  Width 110


Height 183  Width 118


Height 192  Width 130



Spout pouches are able to provide flexible packaging option for all the fluid products. It is a safer packaging solution which ensures that the transportation of liquid products is easier and mess-free than the Plastic bottles or Glass bottles. China Policy provides liquid pouches which are reliable, flexible and safe for the packaging the liquid products. Our spout pouches make provision for the transportation of liquid products, from retailer to consumer.Our pouches are suitable for all types of product applications including retort pouches.


China Policy offers a wide range of spout pouches which are also known as extra fluid bags or oil spout pouch. We produce these pouches to meet the demand of liquid products of different market categories. We offer them as part of our stock and custom spout pouches selection. We manufacture our custom spout pouches by printing up to nine colors, with the use of the rotogravure technique. Custom pouches are helpful to create brand awareness and for the marketing of the products among more consumers. We make use of high quality material within the production process which ensures that our pouches are leakage proof and product friendly. We also make use of some of the plastic films including

·         BOPP

·         PPE

·         MET

·         LLDPE

·         PET

·         PVC



All the pouches are fixed with nozzles. These nozzles are fixed either at a 90-degree angle of the pouch or in the center of the pouch. You can choose from our various sizes for all nozzles. Wine spout pouches are inclusive of metalized layers to improve shelf life of the goods.Our Spout Pouches can be used for Packaging of Spices, Salad Dressing, Juice, Baby Food, Sugar, Salt, Oil, Tomato Sauces, Yogurt, Liquid, Detergent and many others.


Spout pouches are one of the most attractive forms of promotional packaging. They are more functional, stable and shelf-accessible. Spouted pouches are reusable hence increasing sales of spout pouches because of the environment friendly conscious consumers. Spout pouches are used to package liquid substances, which usually include products such as

·         Alcoholic beverages

·         Hygiene products

·         Energy drinks

·         Pharmaceutical products

·         Sauces

·         Liquid soaps and various others



Custom spout pouches provide provision to display company branding and product information vibrantly and visually. These pouches are consumer friendly and durable because of the high barrier lamination and provide overall product protection. All spout pouches produced at China Policy are low in oxygen transmission rate so they are helpful for preserving the products.



Spouted Pouch Testing

We perform a number of rigorous tests on spouted pouches to ensure your pouches will perform throughout the life cycle of your product.  The various tests we perform include:

·         Interlayer adhesion testing

·         Seal strength testing

·         Drop testing

·         Burst testing

·         Tensile testing

·         Product package compatibility testing

·         Compression testing

·         Puncture resistance testing


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Strict quality inspection, passed EU REACH testing


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