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retort pouch

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retort pouch

                                  Retort pouch with stand up bottom

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China policy plastic packaging is the global leader in the production of high-performance retort pouches that give you a 

competitive edge with eye-catching appearance, product freshness, taste and aroma protection, and extended shelf life. Retort pouches use less than five percent of the packaging material of cans and sterilize at lower temperatures and in less time – improving food product quality, especially where color or texture are important. Retort pouches can be customized to any application and can be provided as flat or stand up pouches, with or without recloseability.



Retort pouches are used for pre-cooked processed food applications that involve high temperature sterilization and require a long shelf-life at room temperature without the necessity of freezing, cooling or drying.

FDA compliant food-grade materials
ISO, HAACP and BRC certified
3rd party quality test reporting for food contact materials
Prototype pouch production 


Retort pouches are great for:

·                    Food

·                    Soup

·                    Sauces

·                    Met products

·                    Pet Food

·                    Long shelf-life applications

·                    Feed service applications



Retort bags are safe for the direct use of food products. These pouches withstand high temperature and they are leakage-proof which allows for the packaging of liquid substances and pre-cooked foods. Our retort bags are eco-friendly, cost effective and are produced with the highest quality materials.


Retort bags are highly attractive to consumers because of their food preserving feature. We add metallization and aluminium layers which ensure that the freshness of the products can be maintained. They offer high barrier and increase shelf life and turnovers. This packaging solution provides a bountiful amount of space for product branding and other important information. We also include various accessories with our retort bags including

  • Transparent window

  • Hanging holes

  • Re-sealable zippers

  • Euro slots

  • Degassing valves

  • Tear notches



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